The Vortechs Group matches exceptionally talented technical professionals with outstanding career opportunities.


At the Vortechs Group we help qualified, enthustiastic candidates find innovative careers. Our personalized online system will help you find the ideal career opportunity by pulling job listings from thousands of sites and matching them to your specific experience and interests. Our career portal will provide you with many resources to find, apply for, and obtain outstanding career opportunities. Follow these easy steps to jump-start your job search:

1. Complete our Assesment Tools - Take our Career Indicator Test to find what career track best fits you or our Leadership Evaluation to learn how to enhance your professional performance. We have a full range of assesment tools available to help you find a best fit career opportunity and enhance your marketability.

2. Enhance your Resume - Have one of our experienced resume writers review your resume or learn how to best highlight your skills and experience through our Resume Rewrite Programs.

3. Get Interview Advice - Meet with your career advisor to prep on potential interview questions one-on-one or check out our library of interviewing and career tools to ensure you ace your next interview.

4. Search Jobs - Search our database for jobs that best fit your desired career path and past experience. Once you find a good fit, schedule an interview directly through our service.

5. Accept a Position - Once you've landed the ideal position we even have the resources to help you negotiate and properly accept your offer.